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Hard Hose

Product introduction:

The reel irrigation machine is composed of frame, reel, PE tube, water turbine, gearbox and water carriage. Spray gun is mounted on a trolley which is dragged by the hose driven by water turbine. So the machine actually is motivated by the water pressure.Single spray gun and framed spray are two model of reel irrigation machine.

Single spray gun model is most popular machine in the market, it features the longer spray distance, easy for operating andtowable. The spray gun  swing vertically and is made of aluminum alloy or stiffen plastic and can be used for over 10 years.

  • JP75-300

  • working picture

  • working sketch of single spray gun model

  • working sketch of single spray gun model

Framed spray is driven by lower water pressure. More used for irrigating fragile crops, prevent them from impacting by bigdroplets  and prevent the runoff as well. The turbine is made of stainless steel and coved with high strength aluminum. The axle issealed by mechanical way and features the excellent sealing and water resisting.  The water outing of the turbine has a adjustableplate to  change speed flatly to assure smooth speed during withdrawing.

  • framed spray machine for potato

  • framed spray for radish

  • Framed spray machine in He’nan

  • Framed spray machine in Hebei