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Lateral move

Product introduction:

Lateral move irrigation machine

1.The running trail of a linear is parallel to the length side of the field, the water flow though the control tower to the end of the linear. Adapt to rectangular and relative flat fields with length is three times more than width.

2.The span of linear is same as pivot, meanwhile the longest linear is limited to 1200m, and the length of that is relative with the different way of power supply, water supply and the guidance.

3.Flexible power supply: both cable dragging or diesel engine are ok.

/upLoad/product/Lateral/    4.Flexible water supply: hose dragging, ditch feed or piping supply.

5.Two model choice: two-wheel and four-wheel

6.Comparing with pivot, the linear cover more field till 98%, meanwhile more complicated than pivot on managing and maintenance, as well as the whole cost for linear is more expensive than the pivot.