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Pivot irrigation

Product introduction:

DYP central pivot type sprinkler irrigation machine is also called pointer type sprinkler irrigation machine and circular sprinkler irrigation machine. It is a sprinkling irrigation equipment with the center axis as the dot and the length of irrigation radius to achieve irrigation area. The upper end is connected with the rotary elbow through a rotating mechanism (collecting ring), and a water saving and increasing production irrigation machine is sprayed through the spraying system on the truss to the crops.

Structure characteristics

The core structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, angle steel, steel plate, round steel and so on. Can be used for less than 30 degrees of land use. Its characteristics are sturdy, durable, reasonable structure, wide range of use, simple operation, unmanned management, cost-effective, is the first choice of water-saving irrigation, large area of farmland irrigation. Center pivot firmly in the cement base and can be well eliminated due to various machines in force on irregular terrain created during the operation, so that the water supply pipe to the radius of the needle free time round rotation, the whole round of land irrigation.

application area

Center pivot irrigation machine is suitable for large round square block, can overcome the shortcomings of less than or equal to 25 degrees slope land, suitable for a wide range of irrigation area.

Specification parameter

Pivot we call in New Zealand, is a large-scaled automatically running irrigation equipment, quite suitable forcorn, wheat, alfalfa, potato, grain, vegetable and sugarcanes and cash crop etc, and even good for fruit tree, plant nursery, alsocould spray with fertilizer and pesticide. Characterized with energy and water saving, labor saving, high spray uniformity and highestoverall cost performance. The pivot is quite adaptable with different crops and topography. A single pivot could cover a very largefield. Comparing with the other irrigation way, the pivot has the following advantage: 

1. The largest irrigation covering.
  No need digging or much earthwork, only water recourse like well or surface water, one single pivot could cover 500 hectares within a short time. Bigger field, smaller investment.

2. Highest mechanical and automatic irrigation way.
  One single labor could manage 10000acres field, as far as increasing productivity.

3. Water saving 30%~50%,  spray uniformity reach 90%, adjust field climate, 20%~50% increasing of productivity is approved obviously.

4. Equipping with other agriculture machine to achieve irrigating, seeding, fertilizing,  gathering in one step.









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