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Water Wise Irrigation Limited,  water saving irrigating system company.

We are formed by 2 New Zealand farm and livestock irrigating services companies and 1 irrigating system manufacturer in China.  We have been producing mega size AI systems which is world leading all the time.  Our goal is to further modernize the products to the best quality and lower the cost.  We also guarantee our back-up service will be fully satisfied by the buyers.

We have the following superiority to be the manufacturer of the systems,

1. The vice-chairman of the Chinese hydraulic engineering association is supervising the production line, he has 20 years experience in manufacture all different sizes of irrigating systems.

2. Our manufacturer, the largest irrigating system factory in China was the one which produced machine parts for Linsey, USA. when Linsey had started its business.  The quality and maintenance of the products are kept improving by non stop studying and experiments by the best scientists throughout the nation.

3. The factory has the most advanced automatic production lines which employ MRP and ERP platform together with FMEA, APQP,  PPAP,and SPC quality control systems.  The products have obtained ISO90001 and ISO14001 certificates and fully guarantee their safety operation and superb quality.

4. The factory is the largest one in China and located at a drought area.  In this connection, the products have been put in use for decades and had been fine tuned down to zero defect.

Company profile

 The factory covers a total area of about 43000 square meters, construction area of about 40500 square meters, a total investment of nearly 58 million yuan. The workshop is about 30000 square meters, R & D and office area of about 5000 square meters, dormitory and living area of about 5500 square meters, is the famous Chinese irrigation equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Water Wise Irrigation Company has international advanced irrigation sprinkler production technology, quality control and process standards, and for large-scale sprinkler irrigation production, produced a large number of special production tooling and equipment. The technological standards for making all parts of the large-scale sprinkler machine are made by the mould, the process standard of the automatic welding assembly, and the whole one-time hot galvanizing process after welding. The quality and service life of the spray irrigation machine produced can be compared with that of the international similar products.

Water Wise Irrigation Company in the original production and investment on the basis of the introduction of Germany's laser cutting machine, robot automatic welding equipment, CNC machining center, advanced mechanical processing equipment, in order to realize the automation of CNC machining equipment, semi mechanized processing by new production process.

Water Wise Irrigation Company began to introduce the history of 60 years since 2014, the famous European reel sprinkler manufacturers - Italy Casella company, RM company, the introduction of the famous Belgian brand JOSKIN sewage treatment equipment. With imported and joint manufacturing way in domestic production, promotion, sales of imported large full hydraulic multifunctional reel sprinkling irrigation machine and sewage treatment equipment, to provide real European quality irrigation equipment for agricultural users China.

Water Wise Irrigation Company committed to the development of agriculture Chinese, will vigorously promote the advanced European and American perfect irrigation machine technology, irrigation technology to European and American standards for quality foundation, to the domestic market price for sales oriented, provide first-class irrigation equipment for domestic agricultural field. Sincerely hope to get the support and help of users and the same industry, we look forward to sincere cooperation, can effectively solve the Chinese agricultural water resources, production efficiency and modernization crisis, the advanced irrigation equipment can maximize the benefit of Chinese agriculture, benefit the nation's population of one billion and three hundred million.